Broken Glass, by Matthew
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5th Aug 2015

Broken Glass

I look in the mirror and what do I see,

A man in the mirror looking back at me,

This man in the mirror just stares back,

This man in the mirror dressed in black,

Then a thought in my mind dawns like the sun,

I turn I move I walk and I run,

But when I come back he is back at my side,

He looks deep at me and he looks deep inside,

This place of sorrow tainted with pain,

The sun doesn’t shine just endless rain,

So my fist is raised and violence is sought,

A lesson this man shall surely be taught,

The glass it breaks, the blood is freed,

But this man was my soul and his face I did need,

Without his deep look his pitiful stare,

The sun has now set and I no longer care,

This time I turn and I walk away,

But the man doesn’t come in his grave he now lay.


"Whilst I was unwell I wrote a number of poems to express my feelings and these have recently been published in a book:

Words have helped me so much and I would love to be of help to others and show them that there IS a way out and there IS light at the end of the tunnel and that they are NOT alone."

- Matthew Gaymer


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