Tuesday Afternoon
Posted by Speighty07
28th Jul 2015

After a lovely weekend the bore of a working week is already taking its toll and its only Tuesday. I was really pleased but also very frustrated with myself on Saturday night. I had a great time and took up the challenge of talking to a few ladies which was great. Unfortunately I was unable to take it any further due to still not quite having the confidence. On reflection it was a good evening and the months of training and eating correctly is starting to pay off.

I am finding my eating plan very challenging and I know the lower levels of food is making me tired and grumpy. I have another 4 weeks to get through until my holiday break and my goodness I am counting the days 26!

Sleep - I have not really been able to sleep for the last two nights. Its the one thing I just don't understand and its like my body making me suffer!

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