My struggle with Fibromyalgia
Posted by Brews93
20th Jul 2015

When I have more time I'll write my back story and the beginning struggle I faced when first diagnosed. But it's been 1 year, 12 months , 365 days since the last time in OD on drugs to try and kill myself. I drove to a empty lot and took a mixture of drugs; cocaine, morphine, E. These were just some of the drugs that caused me to go unconscious but they didn't kill me I woke up the next morning rough as anything, dehydrated but not dead.

This anniversary if you can call it that has lead me to after a lot of help from numerous departments to become better mentally to tell my story. I want people to know they are not alone (like I was) whether your struggling with depression or fibromyalgia, if you are going to read this a follow, you should know there's support out there. Also I will be there for you, I don't want anyone to struggle alone and face it alone like it nobody deserves that.

I shall start from the beginning and go from there. In the mean time I'll answer questions and other advice or just be there to talk about the mundane subjects.

I hope this atleast helps one person even the smallest amount. I'll feel like telling my story was worth sharing (I don't often share personal information about my self to strangers so this is a big step I'm taking) but I want to help so I'll push my fear away.

Brews :)

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