Living as me
Posted by skyrunner
18th Jul 2015

Hi my name is kyle, im 17 years old and I died (kinda). Its a long story so it would be easier to give you the short version. I suffer with depression and adjustment disorder which some people don't believe is real and mock it, well try living with it and you will realise it isn't that easy.

It all started about three years ago when I started feeling strange, I couldn't explain it but the things that use to make me happy didn't and I didn't enjoy the things I normally did. I tried talking to friends and family about it but they said I was going through a "teenage thing" so I thought nothing of it and left it. but I became more and more isolated, I didn't eat, I didn't sleep and I started to self-harm.

I hid this from everyone as I didn't want them to know, so I built a personality on it. changed the way I was so that it was really two different people, the one that had no problems and the one that had everything wrong. at first it was fine an I thought it was working so I left it at that and moved one. But when the second year started that's when it all went to.....hell.

it was like the other me started talking to me, I could hear him in my head with every waking hour I had. It even got to the stage of actually seeing him next to me, the dark, twisted side of me. It was at this moment that I knew to go and get help..

And that's where we are today, im on medication and having lots of therapy but there is still a long journey to go. Im glad you have read all of least someone cares. If possible either comment whatever you can do on this to show what support and can give. Thank you.

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