Vicky's 10k in honour of her Mum
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14th Jul 2015

VickyaftertheLeeds10kWhat an amazing experience to run the 10k in leeds. I ran this race in honour of my mum Dawn Eve Robinson who completed suicide 23/09/2013. I am a survivor of suicide. I do not want to glorify suicide in anyway because the emotional and mental affects as a survivor are devastating.

I have felt the impact of depression and addiction. I have suffered the traumatic childhood. I have struggled with self esteem, anxiety and depression. I think it all has a snowball effect. But but..

I have survived. I have been succesfull. I have my job,my children,my husband,my home,my friends and I have air in my lungs. I have a sense of humour to sometimes see the irony and the funny side of life.

Do I blame my mum. No
Do I blame me. No

She was doing the best she could with what she had to give.

I did the best I could with what I had to give.

I forgive my mum and I will love her as long as my heart beats.

I forgive myself because I'm not perfect and I dont aspire to be.

Keep fighting. Tell your story. Stop the stigma.

Thanks love Vicky xxx

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