Government Advert on Mental Health
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12th Apr 2011

Without getting political, I'm not a fan by any stretch of one Mr Clegg. That said, I recently heard him speaking about Mental Health and how the stigma attached it to it needs to be removed. Couldn't agree more, and I'm sure many readers of this will equally concur.

You may have seen the recent advert on television aimed at combatting this stigma; the man asks his colleague how he is feeling, before the man with the mental health difficulties then disappears in to his shoes, or goes home via the photocopier draw, etc. The advert is wonderfully thought provoking. Everybody in life has their own prejudices and feelings whether we like it or not. We are shaped by our environment and our upbringing, and so there are people out there who may genuinely believe "mental" people see the photocopier draw as a legitimate way of getting home.
The point is, the advert makes you wonder what your thoughts and feelings towards others are, and how you act in certian situations.
I say the advert is not obviously deep, and by this I mean it is only once you have watched and thought about it that you realise how deep it actually is. I see a lot of people who have mental health problems, and not one of them has used their shoe as a phone. Some people may have put 'yet' on the end of that sentence, and I was tempted in an obviously joking way, but let's be honest, that's just not what mental health problems really entail.
Well done to the creators of this advert in getting everyone to think about how they view and treat those with mental health problems.

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