Anxiety, travelling and too many jobs!
Posted by Baz1050
6th Jul 2015

Being a twenty something female is hard, it's much harder when you suffer at the hands of mental illness. I am lucky, lucky enough that I am able to keep fighting and fighting. I don't know where the fight comes from but it keeps on coming!!

At the beginning of this year I took the plunge and booked a return ticket to Australia for September with a good friend. Part of me was far too excited, part of me so scared at the prospect of it. So here I am, two months away from stepping on the Plane wondering how on earth I am going to cope... Anxiety is currently trying it's hardest to get the better of me but so far I am winning the battle.

We have all felt anxiety at some point in our lives, whether it's waving your child off on the first day of School, trying a new food or drink or taking an important exam. Anxiety is good for us, its a normal reaction to life and the majority of people are able to deal with it. Too much anxiety however can be debilitating and can really knock a person down. When anxiety gets in the way of life it's time to try to do something about it. Easier said than done I hear you say?! I totally agree, I am the sort of person who keeps struggling on each time too scared to tell someone or seek help. It's not helpful to anyone and just one off the cuff remark can change the way someone seeks help for life.

I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone lately, determined to get rid of this 'Anxiety Rubbish'. So far, it has had a really counterproductive effect on me and I now find myself on edge 24/7, heart beating at every loud noise and stressing constantly about all the things I have to do. I work in an office as an Administrator and genuinely love it, I have some great colleagues too which is what makes a job! The job is rarely stressful and that suits me just fine. Today I realised that the overtime I have been doing is not worth it, it has helped me to pay for private Hypnotherapy but it takes away precious hours that I now need to do all the extra home life things I haven't been having enough time for. Those silly things like cleaning, washing the car, returning library books on time and making sure I have enough meals for the week. So no more overtime...

How can we 'get rid' of Anxiety? I wish I knew the answer, and I will update you if I ever find the answer. But for now, we have to be kind to ourselves and allow ourselves time to heal and move on.

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