A artist interrupted
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1st Jul 2015

I'm going to put some time and being in the moment with my pencil and pad I have been sketching on and off for a good four years and while practically all of it just comes from my wrist and an eye for space between lines
I like surrealism particulary Yves Tanguy I am just now starting to take to surrealism and it seems what i've been on to this whole time. It's weird but i like to think anyone can sketch if they tried there are days when i don't bring any lines to life and I tell you it hurts but the more I keep the creativity at a constant the more I learn little things,it becomes a more defined experience to create, i can try to copy a work but it always has turned out different. I look at sketching as this weird notion that you're making lines that turn into something so alive at times and it is surreal surrealism goes beyond pictures and paintings as all art it's a culture a way of life.Might want to check out Andre Bretton this guy was so there in surrealism that he took Freud literature to use with war veterans and the rest is history

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