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23rd Jun 2015

Christie is one of our Team SANE heros taking on the British 10k on the 12th of July. Her passion and dedication to better mental health have blown us all away, and she has already raised a fantastic £370.22 to provide help to those with nowhere else to turn.

Here is Chrisite's story:

"On 30th January 2000 my Mum - Suzanne Plumb - lost her battle with mental illness. She tried so hard for me and my little brother but couldn't fight it anymore.

I've suffered with anxiety and depression myself and have only recently started to actually deal with my grief. Although my own case (thankfully) hasn't been too severe the aftermath of losing someone so close to you as a result of it is truly devastating.

I firmly believe that if she'd had support from a charity such as SANE and the taboo around mental health was better understood she'd still be with us. I miss her every single day.

Until this year I'd never run at all, thinking it an impossibility. But with the support of my boyfriend and the incredible NHS Couch to 5k plan (seriously incredible, try it!) I've just completed 5K! Now I've reached 5K, 10K will be the next (and much harder!) challenge. By doing it for a reason: to help people who suffer from mental illness like my Mum did, it will not just be an accomplishment but an incredibly worthwhile one.

This picture†was taken after running my first 5K. I'd never done anything really physical before, I was so proud of myself I cried. I remember thinking if I can do this I can do anything :) That thought still keeps me going some days!"

Chrisite has been an absolute inspiration to us all, and her brilliant work is going to change the lives of more than 75 people living with mental illness. Read more about Christie, and her 10k journey here, where she was featured by a top blogger. You can help Christie transform more lives by visiting her JustGiving page.

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