Living With Anxiety and an Added Extra
Posted by Leon Hubert
22nd Jun 2015

SANE Supporter Angela shared her story of living with anxiety. Please share your thoughts below.

February 2014 and I had a panic attack totally out of the blue.  How did I know it was a panic attack? Well I was diagnosed with anxiety back in 2006 and it took me year of fighting panic attacks, without medication, to get my life back and I was successful, until it came back.

I will admit that I was devastated that anxiety had reared its ugly head once more but it was not long before I started noticing a strange pattern.  For 3 weeks out of a month I felt tired, sick, agitated and anxious.  Then for 1 week I would feel fantastic and all the weird symptoms disappeared.  During those horrible weeks I would also vomit and get horrible stomach pains, which at times I thought was appendicitis and found me on my way to A&E to be told it was ovarian pain.  On the second visit the doctor told me he would write to my GP and tell them that he thought my issues came from my hormones.  At last it was sorted, or so I thought.

The day I went to see the well woman doctor, with a list of all my symptoms, and knowing the hospital had sent the letter, I was excited to get the official diagnosis which would be a hormone imbalance.  The doctor took one look at the symptoms and said “it is just your anxiety” and sent me on my way.  I was heartbroken.  She acknowledged the letter from the hospital but said it can’t be linked.

The symptoms continued and I was still struggling to leave the house, to have a life or to be the mum my two children deserved.  My husband, their dad, took them everywhere and pretty much done everything for me.  I felt so guilty and ashamed.

One very cold day in November my mum accompanied me to the doctors and came into the office with me.  Once again I went over all my symptoms and everything that had been happening, with the male doctor.  I was waiting for him to say it was simply anxiety but what came next shocked me.

“Angela, you have severe pms (pmdd) and this is what has been causing your anxiety and other symptoms.  Looking back over your notes from the last few months I can see you have been here a few times. I can only apologise for leaving it this long without the proper diagnosis” I almost hugged him. All of a sudden I felt a massive weight being lifted off my shoulders.  He referred me to a counsellor, who helped me a lot, and from the day I got that diagnosis I started going out more and did not feel as anxious.

Today I am getting better slowly and doing much more that before.  We are going on a family holiday when my son is on holiday from school and I honestly cannot wait as it a place I have been as a child and still love to this day. 


During all of this I decided to do something positive whilst stuck in the house, I started a, very honest, blog.  I am not ashamed of living with anxiety and pms.  Why? Because I am still Angela and that will never ever change.

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