moggy and the black dog
Posted by valerie1952
15th Jun 2015

Black dogs have played a large part in my life, my sister was given a black lab when she was seven, we got my daughter a big black and tan border collie when she was three, he lived foe 17 years
? We then adopted a black lab who was medically discharged from the army he lived until he was 16 and now we have a black retired grey hound who is about nine and hreying rapidly to keep up eith the pair of us. And then of coirse there is the black doh that has shadowed me for most of my lige, sometimes just watching abd the at others almost consuming me! No wonder the that I prefer cats, blck cats, ginger toms or torties 'I love them all. Iespescially love the ones that walk alone needong no ome and bestowing favour randomly when least expected; don't you love them !
My fenian ginger tom lies on my feet now snoring away in an innocent eay but should I decide to move out woll come yhe claes as he purrs woth satisfaction atthe pain he has caused a feline terrorist! How like my black dog slumbering only to awake and caise pain .
The problem with blsck dog pain is that I cannot get it to budge, is eases itself down over me envelopping me until I feel that I am suffocating whilst feelings wuestions prblems unwamted thoughts all face round my brain with what ifs and if only's fog up my brain. Having gone through a nasty infection with self hsrning I don't feel that I have that resource available at the moment, so what the hell mahitabel!


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