Hello : )
Posted by dawnv
15th Jun 2015

Hello, I'm new to this site and I'm hoping that reading and sharing will help on road to recovery. Have had years of bouts of depression and social anxiety. Have always been a quiet nervous person and can remember having first panic attack in social situation when about 15 years old, however I didn't actually know what was happening at the time! I have currently been off work for four months with I think the worst bout have ever had. What should be simple things ie getting bus to work I just can't currently do. A problem that comes along with the anxiety and depression is over eating and drinking which I seem to have no will power over. I know would have more confidence if could lose the weight which may help me but easier said than done. Seem to be in a vicious circle that struggling to get out of. Wondering if anyone else has similar problems? Dawn xx

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