Posted by Alis
11th Jun 2015

Mindfulness is helping me expand my recovery experience. I have a tendency to recoil from the uncomfortable, and then dive downwards into despair.

Mindfulness is helping me recognise the first moments of discomfort. In those first moments is the space in which I can begin to apply the CBT techniques that I have learnt - Identifying, accepting and nurturing my mood:

Recognise the changing sensation in my body

What is that feeling, can I have compassion for myself, how can I best look after myself?

Listen to the thoughts without reacting

What has triggered me?

What is the broader picture?

Is there other evidence outside my own immediate thoughts?

Where am I focusing my attention and thinking, is that my habit, is that helpful?

What choices have I got?

Knowing and accepting the very first moments of the uncomfortable seem to be key to taking hold of my healthy self. It's a journey, I'm keeping with it!

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