Posted by Alis
6th Jun 2015

Mindfulness accepts what is. If I can allow myself to be in the present moment, there is the possibility of recognising my thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Mental illness like any other illness is a deeply painful, intrusive, disruptive experience. However, through expanding my awareness for all my experiences in my life, there is the Possibilty for both living with the agony of suffering, and experiencing relief beyond that pain.

For years I have hidden my experience of mental illness, only to wear the suffering like the emperors new clothes. Everyone sees it, but no one (including me) says anything. The avoided conversations have kept me isolated and miserable. My therapy ended. The expectation is for me to be fine. If mindfulness helps me to accept and experience my core self. Then these are my tears of grief. My overwhelming sadness. The rage of loss. The lonliness of being me.

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