Thank you, SANE volunteers!
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4th Jun 2015

I joined SANE as their Head of Services just over 6 weeks ago. In this time I’ve learnt more than I could ever have expected about our services and those who contact us, but also, and perhaps more unexpectedly, about the army of volunteers who make running our services possible.

Volunteering has always been a big part of my life and when I came to SANE, one of the parts of the role I was really excited about was joining a team that was powered by volunteers. I’ve not been disappointed.

I haven’t met all our volunteers yet but I‘ve met a good number, and each one is an inspiring individual. What I’ve really enjoyed seeing is how each volunteer brings their own life experiences, skills and personality to their role, and, for me, this is all we can ask. It’s the way our volunteers bring themselves to their role that brings SANE to life and turns our organisational aims, ethos and values into a tangible service for those who contact us.

Having been so inspired by our volunteers, this Volunteers Week I want to thank all of our volunteers for all they do. So SANE volunteers - THANK YOU.

I also want as many people as possible to benefit from the amazing service SANE’s volunteers offer. We’ve recently secured a new number for our helpline which means that for many people who contact us, there will no longer be a charge for calling SANE. This will make our helpline more accessible for many – in the three weeks since the roll-out of our new number, we’ve already seen an increase in calls.

In order to make sure our services are always accessible to the thousands of people who contact us, we need even more volunteers. If you think you have around 4 hours a week which you could commit to helping make SANE’s promise of creating a safe and non-judgemental space for people affected by mental illness a reality, then please get in touch!

Find out more about volunteering with SANE here.

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