My Journery with a CBT Therapist
Posted by Alis
4th Jun 2015

Connection and Structure
I absorb the Shocks of the Past, and
Into the Present the Chaos Settles
My Struggle for Freedom
Expanding my Perception

Softening my Coarse Edges
Choices and Transformation
Looking to the Future
Optimism and Kindness
Senses of Possibilty
Creativity and Release

The Ideals which have given me my Truth
Mistakes and Stuck
Lessons from the Past
Receptive to Change
Always Renewing
Healthy Habits

Gratitude and Allies
Holding on and Letting go
Voices and Thoughts
Shadows of Fear
Brutality and Hopelessness
Patterns of Being

Ashes of Sorrow
The Known, and the Unknown
The Heard, and the Silent
Discovery, Purpose and Motivation

Courage, Understanding and Authencity
Participation and Action
Empathy and Resilience
Endings and Beginnings

Recognition and Acceptance
I am the Ancient, the Eternal
The ever new Swirls of Recovery
I am the Now

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