Small Victories
Posted by lovelife1
3rd Jun 2015

When someone who you love has depression, it's heartbreaking for you to see how they look down on themselves. Sometimes you think: if only you could see yourself as I see you - you are actually awesome! But they can't. The voice in their head tells them they are looser, they're pathetic and hearing these things from your loved one really hurts. It can be frustrating too because no matter how many times you tell them that they really are good enough, they just don't seem to believe it.

What you can do is help them to celebrate the small victories - help them to see that they do do good things and what they do is noted and appreciated. It might be a success at work or study, perhaps they helped you with something or you can see that they are just really trying. Remind them that not only did they accomplish that thing - they did it despite all the things trying to hold them back especially the voice in their own head telling them they can't. They did it despite illness and that is something to be proud of!

While your at it, celebrate the small victories you have too, perhaps you helped them get out of bed or just helped them to crack a smile. It might be very small things but it's the small victories that help you to keep going and remind you what it's all about: the person that you love and helping them to get better.

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