Posted by Anxiety202
24th May 2015

Anxiety - A feeling of worry/nervousness.

Anxiety for me is stuttering when trying to have a normal conversation, it's my hands shaking uncontrollably when it gets to much, it's tears flooding to my eyes for no reason at all, it's tingles, and not the nice kind all over my body, its needing to run to the toilet before I enter a place where It consumes me, it's finding it hard to catch a breath and my mouth and throat tightening and becoming dry. It's my jaw pressing down and locking. It's my body telling me to run but my feet staying frozen to the ground. It's the blood rushing to my cheeks when I have to talk to someone. It's my eyes trying to hide behind themselves when someone looks at me. It makes me want to scream but my mouth is frozen shut. It's always with me, it follows me where ever i go. I try to run but it's faster than me. It's my worst enemy and the war I'm at with myself in my own head.

Anxiety - it's my black dog.

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