From Victim to Victor
Posted by Leon Hubert
22nd May 2015

Kathleen very kindly shared this blog, and would love to hear your feedback:

Before I used to say I was a victim of abuse - domestic, emotional, sexual and psychological but now when asked I say proudly that I WAS a victim but now I am a VICTOR. Is some may call me a survivor.

I guess I'd like my first story shared to be a short one - just giving people an insight into my life, but mainly to show people that there is light at the end of the tunnel - they too like me can be trodden on, buried under the ashes and rise again as a stronger and wiser human being!!

I came from a broken family - parents divorced when I was young - father was an alcoholic and mam was a strong woman - protecting 3 children (including me) from witnessing father in some unmentionable states. And although I always say that he never hurt me, that was physically but obviously mentally he did!!

Mam remarried wen I was 9yrs old and i became his favourite. I hated him but my mam was happy so I was too. Jealousy broke that marriage too. 

At 18yrs old I suffered domestic violence from my fiancé. I hid this from my family for 3months until I was rushed into hospital with internal complications and bleeding. 

I'll fast forward now to 10yrs ago. After numerous happenings (which are extensive to write here) I suffered 2

Mental breakdowns. My world fell apart! I almost lost my son, well I thought I was but he became my brick wall. Through support from him and my partner who I Met 9years ago I am a new person.

I qualified as a Counsellor June 2014 and graduate in July again after completing my BAHons in Counselling.

In still suffer 'bad days' where dark thoughts do cross my mind - wondering why I am still here - but then I look at my achievements. I was diagnosed as having a chemical imbalance within my brain and take medication daily - for rest of my life, but if this means that I live I accept it. 

I'm not saying that I am perfect and 'cured' because I am not, and I am certainly not saying that everyone should be like me because we are all unique individuals!!!! 

Never allow anyone to tell you to "sort yourselves out and stop feeling sorry for yourself because until they walk in your shoes no one knows your life!!

I will end my story there, but never feel alone, because we are all here for each other within this site.

My email address is available to anyone who wants to chat or find out more about me - and please don't think I'm here to counsel, I'm not I'm here as another person who suffers from a mental illness.

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