The Blame Game
Posted by Will Lunn
22nd May 2015

The Blame Game

Six months of to and fro with a GP just to get an assessment with new mental health team.
Three months wait after that to get an actual appointment with a new Consultant.
12 solid months waiting list to get CBT therapy.
The cost to my mental health……Priceless.

Who is to blame for this unwieldy painfully slow to respond system? Is it the politicians who decide how much funding is put into the system? Is it the staff within the mental health care teams? Could it be the system itself? Is it set up in an old fashioned inflexible way which needs a complete reboot from the bottom up? Or am I to blame for not being an effective enough self-advocate as the language of the NHS would put it? I also had the temerity to move from one health trust area to another so perhaps the weight of responsibility does belong to me.

I can’t help feeling if I had been diagnosed and suffering from a long term physical condition for the past five years the quality and timeliness of care would not have suffered by my relocating to a different health trust area.

As it is the GP feels unable to change anything regarding my medication until I have been seen by a Consultant in July. That includes resuming me on medications I have been prescribed in the past. Instead the local surgery throws out boxes of diazepam I suspect in the hope I can remain in a half vegetative mental state for three months until I am seen by a Consultant.

The sad truth is all mental health care is still the very poor relative in terms of funding from the NHS and until that changes along with long held negative attitudes from some even within the system are challenged patients like myself are going to fall through the cracks.

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