I'm Fine
Posted by dirkgently1066
11th May 2015

Anxiety is...

...trying to block out my 3 year old talking to me because I can't hear myself ruminate a continually inflating balloon, wary of invisible pins, oblivious that unless it deflates, it will pop anyway. a loose thread. Pull on it and you're likely to unravel if your mind is a radio, constantly changing stations, looking for Blame FM being stuck on a hamster wheel. You want to get off but you're too scared to stop running

...the sense of constantly being judged, when in truth the only person passing judgement is you a phone that you wish would stop ringing but you're too afraid to answer a glass of water; full to the brim, you feel as though a single drop will make you spill over

...the voice that says you can't do it. Depression says there's no point. Recovery says do it anyway.

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