Election Blues
Posted by Miser
6th May 2015

6 seemingly endless weeks later, and the election campaigns are nearly over. You can not escape the political tirade, whether you stay at home or venture outside we are bombarded with leaflets, posters, TV battles and blanket news coverage. For someone like me, and many others I suspect, find this onslaught overwhelming. It can also be very depressing. I think I have heard mental health mentioned only once by the politicians, a brief nod by Nick Clegg during a TV debate.

For the last 6 weeks, all we have heard is working people this, and working people that. How their particular party will protect and nurture the working people of Britain, and how they are the core of this nation. People like me with mental illness can be forgiven for feeling, well, pretty much forgotten about. Sidelined to the fringes of society often grouped up with "scroungers and spongers" not worthy of time or money. This is not something exclusive to election times, but is accentuated by it.

The trouble is, most people like myself who are pretty much house bound, are too frightened to go out and make a stand about it. We depend on others to speak on our behalf, and to me they are heroes.

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