Sexuality and Mental Health
Posted by Daisy Duke
2nd May 2015

After 25 years of believing I was frigid, a prude, had something wrong with my sex drive; I finally find out I am actually ASEXUAL. I have beaten myself up for years feeling useless, a failure, a disappointment but I am none of those things - I am Asexual.

Part of me feels absolutely joyous, what a relief to finally know that there is nothing wrong with me, that this is never going to change. But the other part feels concerned that my husband will now give up on me, he will stop trying and also that I will stop trying.

Hopefully now my mind will calm down a bit, all that constant chatter about sex, the lack of it, the lack of desire, will now calm down and my mental health should benefit from this. I've come out about this to two of my very close friends, my mum, my daughter and my husband - all of them have been so kind and utterly supportive. Not one of them has scoffed at me. Mental pain shared, for me, is mental pain lessoned.

I am so grateful for the support I have and I couldn't carry on my fight without it.

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