Empty Spaces....
Posted by Tees
12th Apr 2015

The void that cant be filled....
Is the one that comes creeping when you least expected.
The one that beckons in the middle of a laughter
The one that mocks in the middle of a tear
The one that kidnaps sleep and demands restlessness as a ransom.
The one that flashes you a dozen of emotions and leaves you blank
The only that says you are imperfect and will never be enough in front of a mirror

The one that makes nothing ever enough.
Ever fulfilled.
The one that leaves you with an endless thirst,
Endless hunger and cravings with no one to fill them.
It tells you no one can understand,not even if they try.
That void that strolls in, the moment you open your eyes and tells you the world will never get to know the real you because it dosent let you meet the real you is a void you need to get in combat with.
It leaves you drained and helpless
Mentally tired.
It drowns you and each time you are close to giving up,bring you back alive only to drown you again.
This loyal void wont leave you. It constantly stalks you because it wants to own you.
It wants to possess you and take control.
It wants to take you out of this world even when you are still in it.
But if you stop fighting to fill this might be left with empty spaces for the rest of your life.

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