My life: reaching for the light
Posted by Michael
2nd Apr 2015

Hello all. My name is Michael and I have decided to start writing a blog. I donít know how many I will write, or even how interesting they will be, but I thought anyway that I would give it a go. I currently live in Israel; I have lived here permanently for around four and a half years, and it is fair to say that it's been an eventful few years. Well, to be honest, it was also fairly eventful when I was living in England before I made the move. After all that I had been through, a few years ago I decided to write a book. I did this for two reasons; first of all, I wanted to develop my writing skills. I knew that I wanted to make a career as a writer, and thought what better way than to write. And secondly, I wanted to have my voice heard. I did things over the course of the few years before 2011, which is when I started writing it, that I feel needed explaining. I had been in some dark, dark places and had done things which those around me didnít understand. So I wrote; itís the best way for me to express my thoughts and feelings, and it's also fairly therapeutic. Despite being asked if I would publish the book once I completed it in 2013 I decided against it. Why? Because I just wasnít ready for people who I didnít know that well to read about my past, for me to be opened up and be left vulnerable by the possibility of being judged for the things that I did. I did show it to my family, however, because not only did they suffer the most as a result of my actions but also because I wanted them to understand why I did the things that I did. Why am I telling you all this? Because now, two years after I finished writing the book, I feel ready to open up, and through theses blogs, to tell my story. And so I will address the issues that I've never really spoken about before, outside the walls of my internal family, in hope not only to help others who may be experiencing what I went through, but also to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel. After everything that I have been through, I am now in the happiest place that I have ever been. I am happy, content and at peace with the world. And in some way, I am happy that I went through what I did, because it enabled me to get to the position that I am in now. In addition to writing about my past, I will also touch on the past of those close to me, how theyíve been affected, how they coped and how they managed that. So this is the preclude to my written journey via these blogs. I hope you find them interesting and maybe inspiring as I attempt to show you an insight into my life over the past nine or so years.

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