Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder
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2nd Apr 2015

Having joined today and in the past shown my support I really must Ďget this off my chestí.

Iíve been suffering with Ďmental healthí issues for the past 25 years, but back then it was just stress, then depression, then different forms of depression, then Bipolar and now BPD. Iíve been pushed from pillar to post and after being on an 18 month waiting list at a local establishment called The Haven, I eventually got in (last year), all happy days, but then funding was discontinued. So Iím now out of the loop of a consultant as I wasnít able to have a consultant and attend The Haven.

Worried, I contacted my lovely GP who tried to get me back into the system. An appointment came through and off I trotted to see a nurse who was basically taking notes of how life is etc. and what support I would need.

I received the letter yesterday (now in bits!), although they agree I do have BPD I was told itís not a mental health issue but a physical one, therefore no help is offered. The air became very blue!!!!

Although Iím not a hypochondriac, Iíve a very good friend who suffers from ME and when she suffers, she suffers - to which I have sometimes gone round to help out, the symptoms she shows I can relate to, in fact you could really say theyíre the same! I told this to the Ďnurseí but it was just shrugged off.

So Iím now out of the loop and only have my GP, who although a very lovely person isnít too familiar with BPD; Iím on Mirtazapine, Lamotrigine, Clonazepam, Duloxetine, heís a little concerned about any change until I see another body, but Iíve just been fobbed off by the NHS.

Iím so sorry to be so long winded, but Iím really hurt and feel that all I said was a waste of time and itís all made up.

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