Feeling lost in myself
Posted by emmzy1992
30th Mar 2015

My names Emma
im 22 years old and i really do not like myself and who i have become.

I want everyone to be my friend and like me as a person but how can they when i dont even like myself and who i have become.?

I allow people to financially abuse me and use me as a friend by buying there friendship because i think that is the way to have friends, but these people arnt friends they never listen to my problems and the way in which i am feeling.

I have been to the doctors and had anti depressants but after one course for 3 weeks i stupidly tried to convince myself i was ok, but im not im just scared to admit there is something wrong, i feel so lost and low in myself i feel like a walking zombie and like i am scared to admit that there is something wrong but i no there is.

I feel admitting that i need a little bit of help is wrong, but i will move forward and i will book in with the doctors again this week i dont want to feel lost anymore.

I feel horrible for my family cause all my anger due to my depression is taken out on them and my mum thinks it is all her fault that i am the way i am but it is not, hand on heart i have never been happy, im fat and ginger who could love someone like me?

Please help anyone who feels the same feelings as me and tell me any coping mechanisms this is my CRY FOR HELP!!

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