Controlling and Disabling Anxiety. Can I Defeat This?
Posted by JadeCrumble
22nd Mar 2015

if anyone has read my previous blogs and my story, i have stated many times that I have been suffering with an anxiety disorder for years and year since I was very young.
It has moments where I feel calm and as if I have never, or don't, have something like that and then it will suddenly become very distressing and frightening. It is currently at that stage.
It has been bad for a couple of days now but I cannot tell if it is my mental health declining or me just not controlling it in the way I'm supposed to.
It is making me feel like I am going out of control and that I have no control over myself any more. How can a mental illness do this? How can a mental illness be so powerful and strong that it has the ability to dominate a human being and completely take over their life? How does it do it?
I know I need to be stronger than it but I'm finding it impossible to be at the moment. I cannot fight against it, it is stronger than me.
The last thing I want is for it to defeat me but the things it makes me think are so scary and threatening that It is sometimes hard to ignore it. It's a bully.
It makes me believe that if I do certain things or do not listen to it, bad things will happen. How can i ignore that? How can I control these feelings? I need to know and I need to know now.
I'm 18 years old. I shouldn't be thinking these things, I shouldn't be feeling this way.

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