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20th Mar 2015

SANE Fundraiser Kev Pop very kindly shared his blog about dance with us, along with a video. Kev is raising money for better mental health by holding a dance party at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green on the 27th March. Enjoy his moves here, and read his blog below:


Depression and mental health issues I think are a human issue. I think its part of being human to have either at any time for many different reasons. I think we should talk about our mental health issues and share our stories more. Hearing other people’s stories I think is a huge help and support for those who are suffering. That why I think Black Dog Campaign is so fantastic because it brings people together who have similar issues, it creates support networks of understanding. Which I feel is vital on the road to recovery. I have tried a number of different therapies and approaches to my own depression and mental health over the years. I have found a number of them very useful including meditating and therapy.

I have suffered from depression and poor mental health growing up. I think that I have always looked outside of myself to find away of making it stop. Most of the time it stopped itself but it always came back, often much worse. I think I am at the point in my life where I live with it everyday now, and for me it’s about finding ways to cope with that, that are right for me. It’s about managing it. Through out my life there have been times when I have felt totally worthless, totally lost, and useless, I felt like I wasn't good enough and that life was hopeless.

Music and dancing to it, has always lifted me higher, I understand the principles of mindfulness and for me it works in dance.
In the same way that in meditation of mindfulness try to remind you to be in your body and not always your mind. I have found dance does this for me, I am no longer in my mind thinking endlessly I am completely in my body I’m not worrying about the next moment I am living the moment as it happens, I'm in the moment in the beat. It starts with music and it ends with dance, for my well being I make sure I dance everyday. I think dance is a joyful expression. Recently Rachel Dargavel and myself starting working together on dance projects. We put a call out for people to dance to the song “Dancing with myself” by Billy Idol, and film them selves dancing to the song. We collected loads of entries, the point of this exercise was to promote dance as a tool for well being and to spread some joy. And to get people involved in a community project that was simple. Rachel and I want to continue promoting dance as a therapy which is why we are hosting a mega dance party! All the proceeds going to The Black Dog Campain.

When I dance to a song, I forget all my troubles just for a moment, I don't feel worthless anymore, I feel strong, I feel happy, I feel like I am somebody.. I feel real,..... mighty real!

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