Me and my Demons Within
Posted by Casey
8th Jan 2011

I'm new to this site and really want to tell people my story, however, I just went to start to write it and I just can't. It is still too painful. Hopefully, eventually I will be able to, I love Writing, drawing, painting and even knitting.

I'm quite spiritual and sometimes this helps me when I am having a difficult time, other times it really doesn't.

I am having a really difficult time at the moment, I suffer from Depression and Anxiety, some days I find it difficult to get out of bed, other days I just can't get back in it! I never leave the house on my own, even if I'm just with my dog Archie, I hate it, so as you can imagine, I don't get out as much as I would like.

I was diagnosed around two years ago and I am much better than I was, but I still find life really difficult. I am hoping to find support on this site and maybe even make some new friends, you never know.

Unfortunately at home I do not have the internet, so I will not be on here all the time, however I will as much as possible.

Until next time x x x

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