Back Home Again
Posted by Amyc1990
9th Mar 2015

It is funny the way after short spells in hospital I return home and slip seamlessly back into my life as if I have never been away. I find myself having a busy day today and feeling like I hadn't lived the last two weeks I just have.

I was in accident and emergency four times in the last two weeks, and spent eight days in a psychiatric acute ward. Not long at all by any means, but long enough. I struggle to cope with being away from family and I detest hospital environments. I tend to get agitated and in general I don't fare well in hospital.

I have come home, not because I am better, but because they needed my bed, and I felt ready to leave so they let me go. I am out of crisis now, but I am still feeling fragile and still need support. My CPN and I worked on a contingency plan today and we have sorted out early warning signs to look out for, as well as who to contact when and what options there are available to me should I be in a crisis.

One suggestion that came up for me which I think I like the idea of better than the ward is the crisis house. I have heard mixed things about it but it can't be worse than the wards can it?! I just don't know.

Anyway I have just got to work hard to be OK and I will.

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