Job advice for a selective mute please?
Posted by Mutie
3rd Mar 2015

I'm 22 and have struggled most my life with selective mutism, depression and anxiety. And have spent all my school years trying to find out "what was wrong with me". I felt very disconnected and preferred to be alone... and though I believe I've come a long way since those dark days, I'm still just "stuck".

I've never had a full time paying job, and 95% of the time I feel I CAN'T have such a job. The hours would be too much and I'd crack under the pressure; too many people, trouble speaking in public etc... right now, any job would feel like a godsend, but even if I did land one I doubt I'd last... I've been on benefits for 4 years now and every year I feel worse in myself...

Would a job even help me feel better? Or just worse? I'm apparently not "ill" enough to be on the sick or anything, so have to job search. But I ultimately feel I'm getting nowhere...

I struggle a lot talking to strangers or new people... I have been volunteering for a while, but it's took me over a year to actually feel comfortable there.

I realise this is probably confusing to read, but simply:

What job would suit someone who finds it exhausting and terrifying interacting with people? Especially now when there's barely ANY jobs in my area... I feel pressured into applying for anything regardless of my interests or capabilities.

Just so stuck. Thanks in advance for any advice X

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