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Living in my world is hard to describe. The mixture of confusion is baffling at times, i have good days, and i have bad days, sometimes the bad outweighs the good, when this happen...
Posted by
29th Dec 2012
Been having a good day today till you get that moment when someone tries to wind you up and you can't help to show them that they have . But hey ho ....
Posted by
27th Dec 2012
I know it's been a while since I last put a blog up . We all know how tough getting over depression is . I would love to say I'm over it . But the truth is I'm far from it. Yes I h...
Posted by
26th Dec 2012
I'm 48 now and a pattern of good health followed by dramatic dips (sometimes years) into poor mental health has emerged. I still persist in trying to work out what went 'wrong' in ...
Posted by
23rd Dec 2012
its weird writing a blog that doesnt rhyme In truth i am just testing this idea of keeping a blog again. does my mind have too much going on? Maybe i should talk about the 21st of ...
Posted by
23rd Dec 2012
A few days ago, I was trying to walk home in the wind and rain. My umbrella kept on blowing inside out and I kept trying to fix it. I ended up losing one of my bags trying to battl...
Posted by
23rd Dec 2012
How I wish the title was Dodging the December Depression instead, but no. This has happened to me a few years in a row now. Midnight strikes on the 30th of November and WHAM! I am ...
Posted by
21st Dec 2012
Having three jobs, albeit all part-time, can mean a lot of Christmas parties and in fact, we had two just last week. Add to work parties, the parties organised by church and friend...
Posted by
John Garth Raubenheimer
20th Dec 2012
Hello everyone. I've started a daily poetry blog at While it's helping me clarify my thoughts on my own condition, it's also designed to sup...
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18th Dec 2012
In 2011 I took a massive step. I quit my job, ended my relationship, packed all my worldly goods into my sister's attic and took to the high seas. Alone. Solo. Independent woman. I...
Posted by
07th Dec 2012