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i'm 36, i live alone, and i spend most of my time by myself........why? i was diagnosed with a bi-polar disorder in 2008. I always knew something was wrong, i didn't quite fit in, ...
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27th Jun 2011
I think Im going to make this my "thing". I'm going to make a point of recommending songs to you guys because to be honest, my life isn't all that interesting that I could tell you...
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26th Jun 2011
Hello My name is Tiffany I am 19 and new to this website I have suffered from depression and was recently Diagnosed with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder also known as Bor...
Posted by
figure skater
20th Jun 2011
Details in the fabric If you haven’t heard the song Details in the fabric by Jason Mraz and James Morrison, you’re majorly missing out. So go listen to it now and make ...
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10th Jun 2011
Hi I'm Peter with BAD.... anyone for a blog please....
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07th Jun 2011
I went to see a counsellor today; I was referred after asking the doctor to see a psychiatrist - I don't quite understand his logic. I was planning on giving her a copy of my previ...
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26th May 2011
Recovery? I am 44 and have spent the vast majority of my life trying to make sense of the horrors that occurred in my life. It is only now that I have found a kind of peace. I live...
Posted by
24th May 2011
A lot of people on the internet spend a lot of time discussing their medication but hardly anyone discusses how to use our reason to help us to stay well. I just spoke to someone t...
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23rd May 2011
I have just spent a week in the most amazing supportive environment. It is a house run by volunteers who take care of everything around you, so you can have access to the most insi...
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23rd May 2011
I have to cope, but are finding it very hard at times. I work full-time in a place I don't want too. I have to pay the bills like everyone does and jobs are hard to find these days...
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22nd May 2011