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Hi I'm new to this but hope it will help me get through this black fog. I have suffered depression and anxiet for last 7 years but the last two years it has lasted longer. Where as...
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22nd Oct 2012
Hi, I'm Richard and here is my story......
Posted by
13th Oct 2012
Busyness... Tasks... Objectives... Goals... Hurdles Slipping... Nothing to grip... nothing to help.... Stumble through the routine of pretense... Only to be alarmed that desperatio...
Posted by
13th Oct 2012
I look outside from the window at all the normal people , and feel I am the only one that feel's this way, I am in a world of aliens I cannot see if other's are like me all I see i...
Posted by
11th Oct 2012
In support of World Mental Health Day and the theme of depression. I have discovered that there is actually one benefit to living with bipolar disorder and that is creativity! I ha...
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10th Oct 2012
I'm 22 and have spent the last five years in psychiatric hospital. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and PTSD primarily with queried Bipolar. I am a fun bu...
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06th Oct 2012
Its National Poetry Day today, so I thought it would be nice to share one of my poems with the the SANE community. I have written a fair few poems over the years, but I have never ...
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04th Oct 2012
My intention was to write my second blog about suicide, and that desire and feeling of being drawn to it. However, not only are there other blogs currently which have that as there...
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03rd Oct 2012
COMING OFF LITHIUM AND PROZAC. Doing ok so far, but it's so, so hard. It's been about 12 weeks, and I'm hanging on in there. Despite mood swings, irritability, tearfulness, mania. ...
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02nd Oct 2012
My life is very public in certain areas. I would like to see ALL folk, both Male n Female that suffer from mental illness, longterm suffered, from Childhood to Adulthood, to get to...
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30th Sep 2012