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I discovered my daughter had badly burnt her arm last june, since then she has cut scratched and burned various parts of her body, but she wont discuss it with me, I have taken her...
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16th Jan 2012
For years prior to my dysthymia diagnosis, I got mad at anything and everything. If some event during the day did not go as I wanted or I perceived it as "bad", my anger flared. An...
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16th Jan 2012
For a long time i have had depressive episodes. Right now i am fed up because i don't have or feel i have a purpose in life. I am a Mom to one little boy who is 6 and yes i am the ...
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11th Jan 2012
Hi fellow bloggers-Haven't written since October (when I told you of my first video on you-tube called Bring mr to Life I have a new Depression awareness video out on You-Tube. Nam...
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10th Jan 2012
This blog is about my personal experiences of a daily battle with Borderline Personality Disorder, and my personal struggle to gain access to services that meet my individual needs...
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Girl Interrupted
08th Jan 2012
As the new year approaches, so does a new me. No longer am i going to be confined by my diagnosis; onwards and upwwards, I say! I don't for a minute think it will be easy, but I am...
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30th Dec 2011
Just to say that I researched where the track 'Manic Depression' had come from and it seems to be on the 'Are You Experienced' album instead. Sorry....
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20th Dec 2011
This is my first day out on here! what better way than to start by writing a blog. Firstly the forums have quite possibly saved me today, isn't it a great feeling to know that othe...
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19th Dec 2011
I should be happy, because I have an amazing fiancee who I'm getting married to next year, a nice flat in a nice part of town and a steady job doing something I spent four years at...
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13th Dec 2011
take once a day for a week, finish prescribe course, use with caution it may cause giggling, snorting and or belly shaking youtube: the laughing policeman charles jolly / penrose...
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09th Dec 2011