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In Born Mad, I wrote about denial: what it felt like, how I gradually came to see the truth, wanting to go back into denial and at the same time knowing full well going back was no...
Posted by
28th Jan 2012
‎15yr old diagnosed with depression & prescribed happy pills,,18 diagnosed with post traumatic stress happy pills dose doubled,19 diagnosed with long term post natal depressi...
Posted by
Nikki PurpleLady
23rd Jan 2012
Just started this blog to try and help myself and others to come to terms with the reality of life for a person with mental health problems. It is the story of my struggle with anx...
Posted by
21st Jan 2012
I discovered my daughter had badly burnt her arm last june, since then she has cut scratched and burned various parts of her body, but she wont discuss it with me, I have taken her...
Posted by
16th Jan 2012
For years prior to my dysthymia diagnosis, I got mad at anything and everything. If some event during the day did not go as I wanted or I perceived it as "bad", my anger flared. An...
Posted by
16th Jan 2012
For a long time i have had depressive episodes. Right now i am fed up because i don't have or feel i have a purpose in life. I am a Mom to one little boy who is 6 and yes i am the ...
Posted by
11th Jan 2012
Hi fellow bloggers-Haven't written since October (when I told you of my first video on you-tube called Bring mr to Life I have a new Depression awareness video out on You-Tube. Nam...
Posted by
10th Jan 2012
This blog is about my personal experiences of a daily battle with Borderline Personality Disorder, and my personal struggle to gain access to services that meet my individual needs...
Posted by
Girl Interrupted
08th Jan 2012
As the new year approaches, so does a new me. No longer am i going to be confined by my diagnosis; onwards and upwwards, I say! I don't for a minute think it will be easy, but I am...
Posted by
30th Dec 2011
Just to say that I researched where the track 'Manic Depression' had come from and it seems to be on the 'Are You Experienced' album instead. Sorry....
Posted by
20th Dec 2011