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My life is very public in certain areas. I would like to see ALL folk, both Male n Female that suffer from mental illness, longterm suffered, from Childhood to Adulthood, to get to...
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30th Sep 2012
When I had depression in October 6th 2011, while I had it for many years but it was that day that the sun went down. I know it was October and we never really have a summer in the ...
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28th Sep 2012
... Comfort from willing listener? Well that is just one simple way I guess I would start to describe myself if I was placing an advert in a lonely hearts column, but I'm not entir...
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28th Sep 2012
This is the first of a three-part series on the subject of suicide. Part 1 is about my personal experience with suicidal thoughts and the lure of impending of death that plagued me...
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27th Sep 2012
I haven't written a blog in a while. I write everything down in a little journal I have but I feel very alone at the minute. I am now in my second year at university and not much h...
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26th Sep 2012
I first cut myself when I was 13, it was on my upper arm with a Stanley knife I kept cutting the same spot over and over during the next few weeks never letting it heal it was the ...
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24th Sep 2012
I am new to SANE, having only recently turned to online resources in an effort to find something that might help me cope with the deep distress I was experiencing. I read about Vir...
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21st Sep 2012
Hi there. Shall we take a peek under the covers? It's bedtime, and as a sufferer of depression, I am relieved at last to be able to legitimately be in my bed, pulling the covers up...
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12th Sep 2012
Being bipolar feels much like wading through treacle in a cold, dark stinking cave. But, sometimes it feels like being the ball bearing in a pinball machine, whizzing randomly arou...
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10th Sep 2012
I possess what I call my ‘sixth sense’. The psychiatry department keep mistakenly reporting that I suffer from visual and auditory hallucinations. This is not true. These ‘delusion...
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02nd Sep 2012