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Don't Look To Closely You look around and you say I am so strong, not seeing the person I hide trying to keep from getting hurt. I put up a smile and make you believe I am not anym...
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15th Apr 2014
If you Google search ‘self help tips for (insert mental illness here), you’ll find pages and pages of advice. But the thing about mental illness is that no two people will ever hav...
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13th Apr 2014
The magnificent fortress gave the impression of grandeur and solidarity. From a distance this imposing vision could stir feelings of both respect and awe. However, under closer ins...
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10th Apr 2014
Me and my partner are in our early 30s. We've been together for 5 years. He suffered with chronic depression and anxiety then, on and off. I saw his true self beyond the illness an...
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10th Apr 2014
Hiya everyone apparently I have heatlh anxiety im in constant worry I have cancer and im going to die I have a pressure on my chest breathless this happens 24/7 7 days a week im so...
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10th Apr 2014
It seems like such a simple question; what makes you happy? If you were to ask most people, they could probably answer straight away. Give it a try now. Go on, I'll wait right here...
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08th Apr 2014
You think that you have a grip on the toxic fog lingering around the tunnels of your mind, then one day the clouds close in on you and darkness rains down on you. Then you find you...
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03rd Apr 2014
Hello SANE readers. I recently published this blog on my personal blog site ( and it got some really great responses. Some people have sa...
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30th Mar 2014
Suddenly, I've been overwhelmed to share what I'm currently feeling. A lot of healing and strengthening has taken place over the last few weeks. Last month, I was in a really good ...
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28th Mar 2014
I like writing blogs. They are a useful tool as an emotional outlet, allowing me to explore thoughts and feelings that would otherwise be stuck in my head, helping anger, frustrati...
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27th Mar 2014