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And so an emotional week draws to a close. I wasn't sure that I wanted to write this blog at all. In some respects, I said everything I wanted to say in the eulogy. And yet, I find...
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16th Mar 2014
It seems that more and more cuts are being made such a great worry to people suffering ill mental health. My last visit was once again by a junior doctor i am never fortunate enoug...
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16th Mar 2014
Some days, regardless of paranoia, it seems the whole world is out to get me. The depth of sensitivity of the BPD person cannot be overstated. Hence, when some sleight or unintende...
Posted by
11th Mar 2014
Our mental wellbeing is something that we take for granted. We do not ever imagine that one day, for whatever reason, we might find ourselves not mentally healthy. Maintaining our ...
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07th Mar 2014
Hello SANE readers. It was self-harm awareness day last week, so I thought I'd do a little blog on Self-Harm for the SANE website and explore my experiences with SH, in the hope th...
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06th Mar 2014
I suffer from depression and anxiety which has made parts of my life very difficult to face. Even though I have had the condition since I was a teenager due to being bullied I want...
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05th Mar 2014
Now, I grew up in the countryside. I grew up surrounded by fields and trees and birds and scenery so stunning that my eyes would drown in its richness and my soul become drunk by t...
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04th Mar 2014
Positive things that social anxiety has taught me; ----------- *To be grateful for every little social encounter that I have* I don’t expect my friends to remember every thing they...
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28th Feb 2014
Anxiety comes over me like a cloud of indefinable darkness and confusion. My heart starts beating faster, my stomach goes into overdrive (like a washing machine) and my abdominal m...
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26th Feb 2014
Hey everyone!!! Please follow my day to day account of feelings, thoughts and strategies that helped. Stay positive. Helen 24/02/14 Feeling good, reinforced positive language, I ca...
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24th Feb 2014