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Right where to start.......... When I was younger my mum's friend's partner used to look after me and my brother. He used to play this game he would take me into his room, lie me d...
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29th Aug 2013
21 August 2013 Since moving to Suffolk from London, I have tried for 10 years to get proper help and now I am in despair and I'm on my own. As I've got older my mental health has g...
Posted by
24th Aug 2013
I dont really know where to start never really done this kinda stuff, but here goes Its My Monday I hate Mondays I just dont know what it is but if I could just skip that day that ...
Posted by
23rd Aug 2013
Sometimes out of now where i slow down my body my mind even my spirt slow down. Why?...
Posted by
06th Aug 2013
I don't like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats was the first single I ever bought. Ironically, I have gone on to really not like Mondays! Today I find myself feeling suicidal on a rainy...
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05th Aug 2013
In January, 4 1/2 years ago, I was ill with pyelonephritis and septicaemia. I had spent the previous 4 months recovering from shoulder surgery. I was physically very low. I remembe...
Posted by
30th Jul 2013
Unfair beginnings A childhood of Dickensian values, of a mother who had autistic characteristics, who knew not how to touch, hold, care, be gentle, be kind, show emotion, give love...
Posted by
26th Jul 2013
This has been a whole life journey, one that I have only taken by the scruff in the last few years because it was to be the death of me. I have struggled with a cold comfort and fe...
Posted by
26th Jul 2013
Hi I have started to try and write my feeling about how I am battling with depression. I started with depression around the age of 14 struggled with interaction with people and tri...
Posted by
25th Jul 2013
Sometimes I feel like I've got to create problems either to justify my depression or to give myself a kick up the back side into doing something about it, something to work towards...
Posted by
17th Jul 2013