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I'm lucky really. I read so many blogs and forum posts from people suffering with depression who have had to give up work. I love my job. It keeps me sane. I struggle to get out of...
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26th Jul 2014
Depression is a strange word. Depression automatically directs your mind to picture of the old Bedlam, people shrieking and crying, straight jackets and other not so pleasant treat...
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26th Jul 2014
This is my very first blog and I thought long and hard about what I would say. I wanted to think about a time in my life when I reached out and to my suprise there was someone ther...
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26th Jul 2014
I haven't any experience at writing blogs in the conventional way, so this the symbolic way I am looking back at 24th January 2013. Somewhere the nurse who greeted me into Priority...
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25th Jul 2014
I'm sitting here with the curtains closed, save for the one that's pulled back just enough to allow a small flow of air into the stifling room. I say sitting, but it's more crumple...
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24th Jul 2014
Im 37 years old,Have strong history of mental health illnesses in my family and suffered depression or what i thought was depression since school years ,Because i am rather loud pe...
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21st Jul 2014
so i went the doctors on Tuesday he gave me an emergency appointment with the hospital for Friday ant they've diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder (BPD) i don't really...
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20th Jul 2014
Can't sleep tonight It's now 00:47 and I've tried to go sleep since 10pm because I was tired. I've taken a sleeping tablet prescribed by the doctor and it's not working because I'v...
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15th Jul 2014
This weekend and last I've found myself in the company of old and new friends, all of whom hold a special place in my heart and help to soothe the pain and angst that I often feel....
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13th Jul 2014
1 - Understand Personality Style It is important to know that being ‘shy’ is a normal aspect of personality. As a child, shyness is common; after all, children are experiencing man...
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30th Jun 2014