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I wrote the following on March 16 2013 and would like to share it with you all... A thousand tiny pick axes are currently chipping away at the inside of my forehead, causing a dull...
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16th Apr 2013
Hello there! Please excuse me, I am new to this website. Hello to anyone (if anyone is) that may be reading this. I have always been a really anxious, jumpy panicky person. The wor...
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15th Apr 2013
As someone diagnosed with Schizophrenia I have a lot on my mind at any one time. I don't really proscribe to the diagnosis but rather like to think I'm working my way through a ver...
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06th Apr 2013
I got up this morning, came downstairs in my pyjamas and walked into my kitchen. It was like a bomb had exploded. I walked to the patio windows and pulled the blind down, I did the...
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30th Mar 2013
I was 5 years old give or take a few years. I can remember then days not the age i was it isnt important really. What i can remember is that smell and that's how i'm really going t...
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29th Mar 2013
Introducing our new Text Care service... We are excited to present Text Care, an important, new service providing emotional support via text message. People can receive personal ca...
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27th Mar 2013
I struggle with depression and have done for a good few years now. I find that i can control it if i can control my life. So i can't control it if im depressed. That paradox is lif...
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26th Mar 2013
I am so used to being the ill one, the one who is in hospital, the one with the get well cards and well wishers...that last week came as a bit of a shock to me when my Mum told me ...
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18th Mar 2013
I had an appointment, an assessment, last week and am waiting for the wellbeing service to get back to me about what support they can offer. The lady I saw said she would get back ...
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Daisy Duke
15th Mar 2013 is my first initial appointment for my Bi Polar. After being admitted to Springfield Mental Health Hospital in 2009 with Psychosis I honestly thought my time with Mental...
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06th Mar 2013