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I don't know why I woke up sad today,a sort of a sudden onset deep depression; prfound and heavy. Went about my day, got the kids to school and tried to put a brave face on it, try...
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08th Oct 2014
Frozen has become the best selling animated feature of all time. The story of Anna and Elsa with the catchy songs, lovable characters and, well, princesses, capturing the hearts of...
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05th Oct 2014
Depression sufferer and triber Alexandra, who describes herself as a 'full-time basket case, part-time human', would like to introduce you to someone: her 'brain devil', Dick, who ...
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03rd Oct 2014
Heartily Mindful has written a poem about how she has managed to overcome obstacles - and how she is here to support others who are struggling. "I would like to say most of all tha...
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02nd Oct 2014
Regular contributor Scott Delonnette writes on the busy yet fleeting nature of life, and how it's crucial to your well-being to stop and smell the roses once in a while - literally...
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30th Sep 2014
(Firstly I would like to mention I intend to cause no offence with this blog post.) I can't say that I have been truly affected by mental ill-health before. My great-grandmother su...
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29th Sep 2014
Triber Mel has shared with us the encouraging letter she wrote to herself about the changes she needs to make in order to benefit her future self. I recently began to look through ...
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29th Sep 2014
It's been a while since I've written on here. I've been processing, reminiscing, grieving so many moments in my life, I am 57. There have been varying emotions in that time, joy, a...
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27th Sep 2014
Triber Francesca has written a very thoughtful post on how people do not choose to be depressed. “Just remember that I love you.” That was what my 11-year-old son said ...
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26th Sep 2014
Triber Miranda muses on the white lies we tell to disguise our mental illness - from 'The dog ate my homework' to 'My car wouldn't start' - and, once freed from them, how powerful ...
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25th Sep 2014