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Below are some excerpts from my mental health blog which can be found at and is updated regularly I remember it vividly. The day it all c...
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13th Jul 2017
Anxiety is quite debilitating, in the sense that it leaves you constantly thinking about the things you have done and their repercussions. From my understanding of it, it can be em...
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12th Jul 2017
I had to compare my past traumas with 2 very brave princes... referring to photo... I needed to start from the beginning harry spoke out with his emotions and experiences.. my moth...
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06th Jul 2017
I suffer from anxiety. Most of my friends probably know this already. But do they know what it means? Normal brain tells me, ‘hey you’re on holiday, take a couple of da...
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04th Jul 2017
You wake up every morning not knowing what the day is going to be like... You sit there in silence and suffer inside, you have outbursts because you feel like your not heard! It's ...
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03rd Jul 2017
Bereavement is an aspect of life everyone has to deal with, yet [it remains] a process [with] no clear guidelines. Each individual [deals with and processes death differently makin...
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03rd Jul 2017
I live with an Anxious Hug Monster every single day; every single day I wake up & The Anxious Hug Monster is there, ready to pounce at any moment, ready to turn my life upside down...
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29th Jun 2017
1. Treat others the way you wish to be treated.  2. Learn when to say NO, pleasing tendencies sometimes create stress. Every time you agree to do something you do not believe is ri...
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20th Jun 2017
I decided to write this blog as part of my closure as I celebrate being in this big scary world for 24 years. It's a message of awareness and beating the stigma of mental health. 2...
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13th Jun 2017
My experience of living with Borderline Personality Disorder. Ever since I was little I knew there was something wrong, I would get upset at the tiniest little things that shouldn&...
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12th Jun 2017