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My voices, I mean the new ones - the ones that have been here for two years, as opposed to all the merry bunch of voiced I have had with me for, gee, twenty years now, are very dir...
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23rd Sep 2016
The mental health regime, that is government and health professionals, are very keen these days on emphasising how much they Ďcareí about us. Within the mental health regime it is ...
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18th Sep 2016
Everyone needs to talk. Since struggling with my anxiety for 4 years now I've realised that talking is the best thing that you can do. I can remember feeling so worried that people...
Posted by
17th Sep 2016
What would you say to depression? Iím sure there are any number of responses to that question. Perhaps simply, why? Why me? What did I do wrong? Itís only right to feel sad. After ...
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14th Sep 2016
I remember the first time I was hit with the over whelming sensation that something was different with me compared to my friends and family, I was in high school aged about 13? Thr...
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13th Sep 2016
Then too you cannot spend an hour alone; No company's more hateful than your own You dodge and give yourself the slip; you seek In bed or in your cups from care to sneak: In vain: ...
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09th Sep 2016
There's the question, isn't it? It was something I was told over and over again, weren't you? It always came down to forgive anything, excuse anything, allow anything because we ar...
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08th Sep 2016
Where to start. From birth I was in a dark place with an alcoholic and abusive father who beat my mum and killed my baby brother. I married a placid and happy man who turned out to...
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06th Sep 2016
I have had a terrible year .all I wanted was to feel,think,behave normally.I was so pleased when diagnosed with emotional unstable personality disorder and PTSD. 3 hours later I ju...
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03rd Sep 2016
Quite often my posts here are descriptions of my struggle with depression and anxiety. I've been tied up in knots of late grappling with the tail end of my marriage. I'm divorced b...
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03rd Sep 2016