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Just over a year ago I made the decision to go back onto antidepressants. Having left therapy, I had thought that my reliance on medication to manage my mental health was behind me...
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20th Apr 2017
by Henry Lovett, Policy and Public Affairs Officer at The Physiological Society Stress is everywhere – nobody can get away without experiencing some form of stress. A heavy b...
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18th Apr 2017
At 23 years old I met a guy. This guy was a player, many girls on the go and made it perfectly clear I was just another notch on the belt. To be honest, I couldn't have cared less ...
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19th Dec 2016
Hi this is my first blog for sane. I'm a 38 year old mum of two girls I have had Boarderline Personality Dissorder since I was eight years old and have made much progress with the ...
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Ruby Gloom
17th Dec 2016
No one knows what it is like in our relationship. Everyone has their own ideas, they hear snippets, pick up on emotions and make their own judgements but no one really knows exce...
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11th Dec 2016
Write what you like!...
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10th Dec 2016
My name is Priscilla Silcock but following my bipolar episode 19 years ago I chose a new name for myself which is Sapphira. My experience of bipolar was severe and frightening. It ...
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29th Nov 2016
Another day. It'll be okay. Maybe not right now, maybe not tomorrow or the next. But another day. Another day will make the difference. You have to stick around and wait for that d...
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24th Nov 2016
I am sat in my office at work right now - writing from the heart, exactly how I feel or actually the lack of feelings, I am not quiet sure. I am married, 28 with 2 beautiful childr...
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24th Nov 2016
Borderline Personality Disorder: No Walk in the Park! Quite often people have asked me what it is like living with my Borderline Personality Disorder. They really have very little ...
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13th Nov 2016