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I am a pa/support worker to a 29 male with moderate learning difficulties. Unfortunately his family pet dog of 14yrs (his "brother") was put to sleep. Over the course of a few week...
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08th Mar 2015
So my 14 CBT sessions I was allocated to be cured from what ever is happening in my mind is coming to and end am I better? No, do I need longer? Yes, will I get longer? Well that's...
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07th Mar 2015
As a Bipolar sufferer of some 16 odd year and living with inadequacy of the services of the local council, I decided that I need to do more. So in my local community I have set up ...
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06th Mar 2015
I'm 22 and have struggled most my life with selective mutism, depression and anxiety. And have spent all my school years trying to find out "what was wrong with me". I felt very di...
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03rd Mar 2015
I thought I understood what depression and anxiety felt like. Now I know that I didn't have a clue. Until now... Three months ago I eventually caved in and admitted that I was stre...
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03rd Mar 2015
For as long a I can recall I've been told that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm still looking with every last bit of fight that I have within me as I know that the dark...
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03rd Mar 2015
hello there, my name is danny, im 26 year olds and i have depression. i started when i was 16 so ten years of feeling low,sad and unless. Hopeful just by reading my blog i can help...
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02nd Mar 2015
“I don’t feel like me anymore. I don’t feel real” “I don’t know who I am anymore” “My reflection scares me, it doesn’t look like me” “It feels as if I am living in a cartoon or a m...
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28th Feb 2015
So as I sit here, in my hospital bed, after having minor surgery, it gives me plenty of time to contemplate life. A funny thing for a 24 year old to want to do. However few 24 year...
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28th Feb 2015
Dalia shares her experience of self esteem classes below, for more information please visit her blog. To read part 1 of Dalia's blog, click here. The first part of the therapy deve...
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25th Feb 2015