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SANE Fundraiser Kev Pop very kindly shared his blog about dance with us, along with a†video. Kev is raising money for better mental health by holding a dance party at the Resistanc...
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20th Mar 2015
It is important at this point to make one thing clear - I, myself, have never suffered from depression. I have had particularly low points in my life; however this is a situation f...
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16th Mar 2015
After being signed off of work for 2 months and getting more frustrated waiting for the elusive CBT appointment, I decided to start my own support group. After being totally open a...
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16th Mar 2015
So many people over the years have been shocked and amazed that I talk so openly about being mentally ill. Iím told on a regular basis that Iím brave, courageous, inspirational eve...
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16th Mar 2015
Today, the day I write this blog, I am giving up and will wait to see what happens. Wouldn't it be great to be able to choose a new head?. A head that was brand new. No memories, N...
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15th Mar 2015
I read information on mental health all the time but there is never any mention of how it is related to autism unless you go on an actual autism website. I think there needs to be ...
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14th Mar 2015
When deciding what to base my first blog post on, I really struggled to brainstorm. I had ideas but they all seemed far too big for my first post and I'm sure many of them would ha...
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14th Mar 2015
I had a taste of how life used to be for me. I felt hope and lightness. Normal living. Saturday just gone, I spent the day in Camden with my son and his new girlfriend, had marvell...
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12th Mar 2015
It has been about 14 years now since the first episode of self harm and about five or six years nearly with no self harm ( a minor slip in between). At the start of a downward spir...
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10th Mar 2015
It is funny the way after short spells in hospital I return home and slip seamlessly back into my life as if I have never been away. I find myself having a busy day today and feeli...
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09th Mar 2015