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Black dogs have played a large part in my life, my sister was given a black lab when she was seven, we got my daughter a big black and tan border collie when she was three, he live...
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15th Jun 2015
I have been writing a blog for a while now tht highlights my life with PTSD. I find it useful to look back on, especially when I've been struggling. It gives me an insight into my ...
Posted by
15th Jun 2015
Hello, I'm new to this site and I'm hoping that reading and sharing will help on road to recovery. Have had years of bouts of depression and social anxiety. Have always been a quie...
Posted by
15th Jun 2015
When one is ill, they are neglected by friends, relatives and social workers. There are a lot of free time. There is no 9 to 5 job. With the help from DLA one can get broadband and...
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14th Jun 2015
image Finding support to help you is critical in facing your mental health problems. While the poor NHS is stretched to breaking point,it is up to us sufferers and those who care t...
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14th Jun 2015
Mindfulness is helping me expand my recovery experience. I have a tendency to recoil from the uncomfortable, and then dive downwards into despair. Mindfulness is helping me recogni...
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11th Jun 2015
“I was in a pretty bad way when I was admitted into hospital. In fact, I’d been unable to dress myself that morning. I was extremely confused; I wasn’t even sure whether I was in G...
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10th Jun 2015
Laura sent us this blog about mental health at university. You can read more of Laura's blogs here: Moving away to start at university as a ...
Posted by
Leon Hubert
09th Jun 2015
It's the first question we ask - Why me? Especially the person with depression, but you find yourself asking this too - why does this have to happen to me? To the person I love? It...
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07th Jun 2015
So you've clicked on my blog!? Great. Nice to me you, I'm Alexandra benita Hurd I'm 18 years young I live in a little town outside London And this is MY story All of these things s...
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06th Jun 2015