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Often, it is very difficult to identify the root cause of a problem- especially when you are distressed by it. It requires much introspection and lateral thinking- so how can self-...
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15th Nov 2017
So I just posted this text on Facebook as I find that I often battle with perceived social pressures from friends and acquaintances during periods of severe depression. I torture m...
Posted by
14th Nov 2017
Taking part in family life has been a significant challenge for me during the last year, having experienced a major depressive episode for the first time in my life. In an effort t...
Posted by
08th Nov 2017
DISCRIMINATIONS The fear unknown leads to fear and hatred As misinformation created by the media Against people who are disabled Having a disability does leave you weakened This do...
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05th Nov 2017
This is how it all started. This is why we are here in this room today. Though even as I say this, I realise the story begins before this time. It started in early 2013 when &lsquo...
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03rd Nov 2017
recently got referred to mental health team from gp in my area , went for a assesment got told they cant help so got referred to a next team had to do another assesment and anyone ...
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31st Oct 2017
She was the most popular girl in school and no one knew no one knew the pain she hid and no one cared about what she's going through the tall beautiful girl was suffering and she d...
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29th Oct 2017
ANGER! When we are angry, we usually want control, and we want to ‘win the argument’, or we want to ‘get even’ or maybe tell the other party ‘I’...
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27th Oct 2017
My aim is to provide hope and inspiration to other victims and survivors whilst also highlighting mental health and other common factors surrounding surviving rape, sexual abuse, b...
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26th Oct 2017
I am really struggling with my feelings and talking to people about how I been with everything going on for all the stress and the anxiety, crying I do not know where else to turn....
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25th Oct 2017